Alzheimer’s a Mind Disease

Mind disease, such as Alzheimer’s is said to arise from abnormal conditions within amyloid proteins. The primarily disease targets the Caucasian race, yet other races are not excluded. New studies are underway, which is leading experts closer to discovering the cause of Alzheimer’s, yet experts are continuing to study apolilipoproteins and its link to the […]

Alzheimer’s Progression

How it progresses Alzheimer’s disease in few instances will progress slowly. In such cases, people will believe that the person is experiencing a normal way of life. Since the disease silently creeps in, it is best to visit your healthcare provider immediately. As soon as you notice changes in behaviors, speech, etc, it is time […]

Lewy and Alzheimer Vascular

Lewy is a body dementia, which experts have discovered as being the cause of dementia. The condition causes involuntary loss of intellectual or mental functions. The progressive disorder targets the brain tissues, which it gradually deteriorates the tissues and nerve cells. Lewy bodies will often build up in the nerve cells, which start the progression […]